Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from? What is it that you do, and what inspired you to do it?

I started out in the modeling world after I entered the miss universe competition in Ireland. I was Miss Kildare and went on to place in the finals. It was a really great experience and I made so many friends, it also helped my career and was the start of everything really. After the competition I got signed to an agency and started getting booked for all sorts of commercials, press calls and shoots. Fast Forward a few years and I had won Irish model of the year. I did various TV shows in Europe and my profile continued to rise. After about 6 years I was invited to go to LA …so I applied for my visa and off I went. Now I spend a lot of time doing social media work, I guess you could say I’m a content creator…I still model, but it seems digital content is what the modeling world has evolved toward.

What’s the most challenging thing about this industry you`re in?

The most challenging thing is staying positive – its not an easy career to be honest – its long hours, highly competitive and saturated with talent. You need to work very hard and be extra creative to stand out.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

I love to do yoga, walk my dogs, go to lunch with friends, watch a good movie, go hiking or to the beach. I have a lot of energy and love working out.

What`s your favorite movie of all times?

My favorite movie is the lord of the rings – I’m a big geek and love anything fantasy

What about your favorite actor / actress?

I think Rami Malek is an exceptional actor – I’m a big fan of his, Mr Robot was amazing!


What’s your biggest pet peeve?

My biggest Pet Peeve is people who are cheap… I hate that! It really gets on my nerves lol

What would be a good theme song for your life?

Survivor by Destiny Child
Where`s the best place you’ve been to so far?
I`ve been to many amazing places so its hard to pick just one! Athens in Greece was so beautiful, but I also love the vibrancy of London, NYC and Hong Kong. LA is a strong favorite too – the weather is amazing there. I want to go to Thailand and Bali soon

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

I was watching a program on netflix about genetic engineering – this is a really fascinating topic. Who knows what the next step in our evolution will be? Its very exciting indeed. Many genetic diseases can be wiped out apparently – My mom and grandad both had cancer… so that program really gave me a sense of hope.
What is your biggest/weirdest fear?
I have a big fear of heights!
What would be your super power?
My super power would be the ability to heal sick people. Oh and to teleport… that would be pretty cool. Lol
What would you like to be remembered by?
I want to be remembered as someone who helped others and did as much as she could to give back. My ultimate long term goal is to have my own animal rescue center – Im very motherly and really enjoy looking after people and animals – I think its my biggest joy.
What`s your favorite beauty brand, and why?
I have my own brand of skincare called ‘Firefly Beauty’ and I created this as a non toxic alternative to many of the current products out there. It’s Paraben free, PEG free and contains no artificial colors or fragrance. It’s also vegan and not tested on animals. Too many brands these days contain chemicals and these are in fact, harmful to skin.

What’s the weirdest thing a fan or admirer has ever done for you?

I have very sweet fans, I often get sent collages of my pictures with rainbows and stars all around it , with inspirational quotes attached. Or videos made of my photos….People are really very kind,  I consider all of my followers as friends and I try to respond to as many people as I can. Unless I’m very busy, I try to carve out an hour a day to respond to people who leave comments and messages on IG and Facebook.

If you could give some piece of advice to your teenage self, what would that be?

Great question! I would tell myself – everything is going to be all right, you are strong and a fighter against all odds… things will get better each and every year. Theres no need to be anxious. Stay positive and cultivate good energy. Believe in yourself and NEVER give up. You have the power to create your own reality.
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