I have been in the industry for over 15 years as a model and actor. I have done commercials for Tumi, Century 21, One Plus, ESPN and started transitioning to film/TV this year.

I really enjoy being involved in the creative process and production in my personal projects, working with designers, and other artists.

I never considered myself a writer. If anything, I always felt insecure about it. My English papers in University were marked that my ‘ideas were too flighty’ by my professor. I felt discouraged at times, in my ability to be able to write. I knew deep down though that I wanted to write stories, and that I had a lot to express. I had to push past the feeling that I didn’t think I could write well or that anyone would read my work. I have always had a huge imagination and my life experience brings a plethora of material.

It was just a matter of moving past the hindering limitations I had placed on myself and writing it all down.

It all started when I took an acting class with a wonderful film maker, writer and actor Misha Calvert, who encouraged me with my writing. She changed my life that day, in this charming little cafe in Flatiron called ” Blank Slate” -(the irony).Which by the way has some awesome lavender teas! . Misha, was gracious enough to meet with me outside of class and mentor me. This is where she introduced me to my (now) writing school. I am forever thankful for her mentor ship, guidance and kindness.

That same day, a few years back now, I reached out to the school and took my first class at Jacob Kreuger Studios @thejkstudio. The school taught me how to write past my inner critic. It became someplace I wanted to visit and looked forward to learning and growing every week. The school is filled with inspiring teachers who are so dedicated to their craft and in helping others see their dreams through. I fell in love with it ever since. It is where I continue to receive mentor ship in my writing with my pro- track writing mentor, Steve Molton.

My horrible grammar doesn’t apply to screenwriting.. phew.. what a relief..

I want to bring inspiring “stories” to Hollywood and help guide the next generation of artists.

In addition to being an actor, I am a single mom. We are a family of artists!

I am currently working on my first film, “Sunnyside,” a period film, which I wrote, based off a true story, which I will be acting, writing.

The story of my film, “Sunnyside,” centers on an ‘imperfect’, American Family, based in Sunnyside, NY during the late 1960’s. The epitome of perceived perfection of the times, and herein lies John. A real spit fire, cigar smoking hero who grew up with the Depression Era NY streets being his teacher. A man with gumption, determined to hold his family together. John spends the better part of his childhood and adulthood searching for his mother’s love and approval, but she can’t get past her own battles, in order to love him back. John built his life, and redesigned his story, even among uncertainty and at times hopelessness in a series of tragic events and has to learn to see what was always right in front of him, for better or for worse.

Follow @sunnysidemovie, for updates on the film.

Thank you to @caroline_allegrante for taking the time to take my photos, you were so wonderful to work with,and to get to know.

and to my wonderful manager @malissayoungmgmt, for believing in me and being such a wonderful support in my career.

thank you for reading this.


Photographer: Caroline Allegrante

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